My Services


Operations Management

I provide consulting services for growing companies that need support in process development and technology integration. Need recommendations on technology tools or how to streamline a manual process? 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

My team and I will assess your business processes and research thousands of systems to find the top 3 CRM platforms that match your needs in record time. Need someone to project manage the customizations or deployment? We got you covered!

Virtual Video Production

Need a DJ or hype person? Someone to progress the slides? Integrate a third party tech tools into Zoom? We’ll host and record the event to provide you with multiple video view options. We’ll also support your planning phase so there’s minimal to now surprises the day of event. IN other words, we do a damn fantastic job making you the host look smashingly impressive. 


Body Wellness

Just as the organization of a business is essential to its success, organization is essential to the longevity of your body. The muscles you recruit for everyday movement and how you move impacts your mobility as you age and even your current quality of life. When you train your body to move in and efficient and optimal way, aches and pains disappear, workouts become more effective, flexibility, mobility, and balance drastically improves. 

Thank you for yesterday's session! My abs are slightly sore but that's great because it means they exist! This is the first time I feel like I can regain my core strength since my caesarean section. Working with Tamara has reignited my desire to develop a health awareness of my body and move confidently in this journey of self-care.

Kerry-Ann Elliott-Totten


Wow! Tamara has been able to take the ideas and intentions out of my head and help me put them into actionable processes that didn't take long at all to produce results. I didn't understand how important communications were in the marketing and sales process. She helped implement a CRM system and walked me through the process step by step and was very patient. Tamara took ownership and responsibility in making sure I was successful, and I don't know how I managed without knowing her. If you're struggling with your business, perhaps you need to meet Tamara!?

-John Leidy


contact us

5465 North Port Washington Road, Glendale, WI, 53217, USA



How do I work?

Services can be project based, or long term contract. It depends on the scope of work and your budget. Short term consulting projects are based on a 3 or 6 months term. CRM selection projects are usually between 3-6 weeks. 

who do i work with? 

I work directly with the implementation team and decision maker/ business owner. When the decision maker is involved, the success probability of the project improves. 

what is your fee?

Your investment is determined by the complexity of the scope of work, the number of people involved, and the amount of work requested.