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Hey savvy travelers,

You love to travel, and you get a natural high when finding super low deals on other DIY travel websites but there’s something you should know that only the insiders’ have knowledge of…
You could be jeopardizing your safety and the quality of your travel experience.


Other DIY websites lack the customer service, and support that guarantee’s safe, fantastic travels.

What do I mean?

Well, anything can go wrong while you’re travelling, especially with lodging. Hotels can double book rooms, assign substandard lodging or even cancel your reservations without telling you.

Not long ago, I had a friend who reserved a room at a popular waterpark resort for her and her family using a well-known DIY website. My friend received an email confirmation right away and thought everything was fine until the day she arrived at the resort.

When my friend tried to check in, her reservation was nowhere in their database. After 20 minutes of scouring the resort’s data base and checking with the front desk manager, my friend discovered the resort voided her reservation without advance notice.

The manager explained to my friend that the resort had the right to deny reservations from third party reservation website if the resort is able to fill their rooms through their website. The manager apologized for the inconvenience and stated that it was the DIY website’s responsibility to contact her about the change in her reservation status.

How horrifying!

My friend drove an hour to get there! Her family was looking forward to their weekend getaway and it was cancelled without her prior knowledge.
Now, I’m sure the DIY website had something written in their terms and conditions to inform their customers that reservations could be denied, but very few customers read the terms and conditions to its entirety.

The fact that the third part vendor didn’t inform my friend in advanced was a major issue. And she had no one to advocate for her. The only option my friend had was to reschedule her reservation.

My friend lost valuable time and energy booking on a DIY website to save money and she was treated like just another number. As terrible as it may be, I heard a similar story with a couple who ordered excursion tickets through a third party travel website.

Stories like the ones mentioned are more common than you might think.

You may be fortunate enough to not have issues booking through a DIY travel website, but why take that chance? When you book through our website, you have direct access to a travel agent.

We become your personal advocate.

No matter how much you plan, sometimes unexpected “stuff” happens while you’re on vacation.
When you book with us, we’re with you every step of the way.
If you run into any issues, we can make calls and usually fix the situation so you don’t have to waste valuable vacation time.
We usually know who to call and how to ask for the right solutions many times exceeding your expectations.
This means you can relax and have a stress free vacation.

You are our priority.

We want you to have the best travel experience possible. Our customer service is responsive and very knowledgeable in the travel industry.
By booking through our website, you can rest assure that we got your back. You can call our 1-800 number or/and my direct number if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need advice.


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