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Travel certificate
Travel Certificates Are Powerful Business Tools

Are you a business owner or a leader who’s looking for innovative ways to improve your business?

Good news, you are in the right place!

Sometimes travel certificates are misunderstood and they are a powerful business tool. I’d like to help you discover how to use these to grow your business.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Travel certificates are discounts, rebates and free vacation incentives that large companies use to grow their business.

How are travel certificates used?

Let me give you an example or two as to how powerful travel certificates can be for your business.

Imagine your favorite salon gave you a free hotel stay for being a loyal customer.

Or what if a local supplier gave you a $50 golf certificate because he remembered the conversation you two had about a wonderful golf outing you and your spouse enjoyed.

How would you feel about receiving these gifts? How would you react?

Most people would be so excited about their gifts that they would tell their friends and family about the kind gesture.

More than likely, you would react to receiving the appreciation gifts by becoming a customer for life.

Most of us are hard wired to show our appreciation when people are kind to us. Giving away travel certificates takes this concept to the next level.

The truth is everyone wants to feel special.  And  when companies help customers feel special, the result is loyal customers who refer friends and family without being asked.

Improve Customer Loyalty Using Travel Certificates
Improve Customer Loyalty Using Travel Certificates

The pure awesomeness about this marketing strategy is you can give away travel certificates with no strings attached.  Not to mention feeling great for making someone else feel special.

This is just one of many ways you could use travel certificates.

Do you know that most large companies use travel certificates to increase sales and generate leads?

For example, a car dealership promotes a free vacation with a purchase of a car. Similarly, a salon would run a social media campaign for a chance to win a trip when prospects opt-in for more information.

Both ideas work extremely well and have a high ROI.  I have found travel certificates to be the most effective when using them as appreciation gifts.

Of course, you could use other items and gestures to accomplish this, but very few gifts compare to travel incentives.

Let’s explore why.

Travel creates experiences.

Four studies conducted by Cornell’s Psychology Professor Thomas Gilovich, concluded that the key to happiness is experiences not things. Gilovich concludes that experiences are the glue of our social lives.*

I imagine you’re realizing the benefits of travel certificates now.

Gifting experiences is gifting happiness.  This is an awesome gesture to those you value.  What an amazing opportunity to create a community full of happy people!

But let’s not get carried away here (sorry for the woowoo).….. The end result is a growing business.

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