Time to Take your Virtual Presentation to the Next Level? 

Tamara Burkett


What Is The Value You’ll Receive In Our Time Together?

In this 60 minute value packed-pitch free call, we'll dive into your presentation right away. I'll audit and advise you on what to change and what technology to use to book more discovery calls.

What You'll Walk Away With...

  • Know what's working.
  • Know Exactly what to do to increase your conversions.
  • Written report of the highlights from our conversation.

This is NOT for you if....

  • You believe virtual presentations are a waste of time if you're not getting paid to speak.
  • If you need validation from your coach and colleagues that this offer has value.
  • You know you won't implement any of the recommendations given during the call. 
  • You expect to be provided with EVERYTHING you need plus the moon for $127.

You should accept this invitation if....

  • You are open and ready to receive recommendations that may be are different from what others have shared with you.
  • You've seen dynamic presentations and want to try new tech tools but don't know what or where to start.
  • Want to try something different to improve your conversions.
  • You understanding the power of strategy and know ROI lies in the execution.
  • You have the time or staff to implement recommendations

About Tamara Burkett

Tamara Burkett is a CRM consultant, virtual meeting producer, author, speaker and entrepreneur. She fully believes in the power of personal connection to motivate, inspire, and educate. Tamara Burkett knows that authentic relationships are the lifeblood of a thriving business. She also understands that nurturing those relationships in a meaningful way requires both a personal touch and the proper technology.

 MY insights equals more IMPACT and more INCOME! 

Here you’ll show more social proof. At the end of each call (or shortly after) ask what they thought about the call and if you can quote them.Try to answer common objections such as wasting time, getting forced to buy, …


Ms. Burkett was a joy to work with. There isn't a task presented that Ms. Burkett doesn't tackle with strategic planning while focusing on the end results!

Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Publisher 

“Tamara Burkett’s insights on designing a talk my audience will remember and influencing them as to WHAT they remember was invaluable to me as an International Speaker and Trainer. Delivering a high impact presentation is key to my conversion and to getting booked more often and at a higher fee. Tamara’s suggestions as to how to incorporate technology and her perspective on when and where and what options are now available were powerful and spot on. Thank you Tamara.” Patty Farmer, International Speaker, Trainer, Podcast Host and magazine Publisher. 

Founder High Tides Consulting

Small Business Coaching and Consulting 

"Tamara really understands authentic relationship building and brings that to how she thinks about group presentations. With her help, I was able to streamline messaging to make sure the audience gets the point of the content every time.  Every workshop now, people are telling me 'that went so fast' and 'I wish we had more time'  And that's after 90 minutes to 2.5 hours on zoom! If you are looking for the antidote to Zoom fatigue in your presentations, you need to get on a call with Tamara. She's invaluable!"

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