What is Appreciation Marketing

picture of flowers for Appreciation Marketing articleAppreciation is often used interchangeably with gratefulness although there’s a difference in definition. Certainly the two are similar yet appreciation is the active expression of gratefulness.
It’s the demonstration of gratitude that defines appreciation.

When a person appreciates another, it’s shown by their actions and lays the foundation for caring.
Appreciation marketing is a method of marketing that actively express the gratitude business owners have for their stakeholders. It views stakeholders in a holistic way to create a sustainable business. Appreciation marketing focusses on building relationships beyond the first purchase.

It begins the buying cycle with the intentions of developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders to grow and sustain business.

Repeat buying is just one of several outcomes of appreciation marketing. The Ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of stakeholders in a holistic way. This is achieved in a variety of actions by the business.

When appreciation is demonstrated in a consistent and personal way, stakeholders will evolve into champions for your product/ service, enriching business by providing referrals, testimonials, product development, etc.

This method can be applied in an array of areas in business from customer experience, to staff retention. Appreciation marketing is a simple and effective method to launch, grow and sustain business.

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