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Stress Free Travel
Stress Free Travel

Summer travel has officially started and while savvy travelers planned out their summer excursions months ago, others are just now planning getaways.

Although I’m a huge fan of planning travel months in advance, unexpected “stuff” can happen and a few short weeks can be all you have.  However much time you have to plan your summer adventures, avoiding travel stress will ensure memorable experiences and resources well spent.

Did you know that poorly planned and stressful vacations eliminate the positive benefits of time away?*

Wow, that’s mind blowing!!!!

In the online Business Harvard Review, an article by Shawn Anchor states that most of the happiness obtained from vacation is dependent upon the stress level of the vacation. Which means the more stressful the travel experience, the less it benefits your well-being.

This explains why I’ve had lack luster trips and needed a “vacation” from my vacation. All the time spent figuring out where to buy this and that, how to find blah, blah, blah, is exhausting and can suck the fun out of getting away!

Isn’t the purpose of  leisure travel to decompress, have fun, and come back rejuvenated?

If you’re nodding your head and thinking, heck yea, then you can appreciate a well planned adventure my friend.  I’ll share with you 5 tips to stress free travel.

When suggestions below are applied, travelers create an inclusive trip that eliminates stress, enhances experiences, and increases happiness.

Ok, I know you want to overlook this. However, after research and personal experience, I assure you the more thorough you are in planning your trip, the less stress you will have.

5 Tips To Stress Free Travel

1. Allocation of travel funds
How to prioritize your budget.

2. Itinerary & Activities
How to create a daily schedule of activities based on your budget.

3. Choosing Lodging & transportation
How to choose the best lodging for your excursion.

4. All-Inclusive Vacations
What to know about exclusions before you book your vacation.

5. Travel Agent or Online Booking
The pros and cons of having a travel agent versus self-booking travel.

Isn’t it interesting how each point seem like a no brainer? I think so! These 5 tips appear to be common sense, yet so many travelers disregard the importance of each idea.

In this 5 part series, we’ll explore steps you can take during travel planning so that you reap the benefits of being away.

Let’s help you plan a fabulous trip!


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