About Me

With over 14 years experience advocating for start ups, non profits and Fortune 500 Clients, I have developed a nationwide reputation for uplifting staff, and developing systems that maximize your return on investment.

My endless talents coupled with attention to detail bridge the gap between the personal & the technical. I am a strategic relationship builder that makes me one of the leaders in our industry.

My company has been described as visionary since I appreciate each person's unique characteristics & systems allowing me to bring out their best. As a strategic networker, my genius lies in my ability to connect people with people & technology with people.

I understand that nurturing relationships in a meaningful way requires both a personal touch & the appropriate technology.

Through my consulting company, I help entrepreneurs who are often overlooked get the support needed so their dreams are realized.  As an non-biased, agile, decision-maker, I am able to find the best ways to reach a goal, increase productivity, increase profitability & solve multiple problems - seamlessly.

What I do is an art.

 Let me teach you how to paint.

Sometimes you just need to talk with an expert! Let's hop on the phone a get you some clarity.