About Us

Tamara Burkett, “The Customer Loyalty Architect,” helps entrepreneurs keep their customers coming back after the first purchase. She helps small business owners figure out how to connect with clients in an authentic way and build a huge loyal customer base.

Tamara delivers a high-impact formula for accelerating entrepreneurs and small business owners to great  and sustainable profits.

Tamara has a master’s degree in Organizational Management and over 14 years experience developing strategic relationships for national nonprofit organizations. She guides her clients through a transformative process to improve their customer relations and enrich their lives.

Tamara uses her experience in relationship building and systems development to help business owners design strategies that keep customers coming back. She’s all about teaching others the strategies behind the systems, and why.    

Tamara’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build out their own system that’s aligned with who they are, how they work, and their values.  As a result, her methods grows loyal customers in a fresh and common sense way.