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Are you a CEO of a service company and struggling with finding the right CRM? You don't have the bandwidth to sift through hundreds of systems AND plan the implementation. Let my team and I  do the heavy lifting so you can experience more HAPPY DANCE moments. 

Are YOU using the right tool to increase sales?

With hundreds of CRMs on the market, how to do you know if you have the right one? You can ask your peers and search on Google, but if you don't know what YOU need and what questions to ask, you can end up with the wrong CRM.  And there are few things as frustrating as discovering you have the wrong CRM after you've invested time and money on its implementation. It's happened to me dozens of times and I want to save you the heart ache.

Are you tired of paying for something you're not using?

Technology can be your greatest ally or worse enemy if you don't know what you don't know. There are thousands of professionals who prey on what you don't know. As a result, many business owners are left with technology they can't use and unresolved challenges. Let's change that and get you what you need! 

Sometimes you just need to talk with an expert! Let's hop on the phone a get you some clarity.


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About Me

With over 14 years experience advocating for start ups, non profits & Fortune 500 Clients, we have developed a nationwide reputation for uplifting staff, & developing systems that maximize your return on investment.

Our endless talents coupled with our attention to detail bridge the gap between the personal & the technical. We are a strategic relationship builder that makes us one of the leaders in our industry.

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As you know, Tamara Burkett is one of the leading Customer Loyalty Architects in the nation when it comes to CRM's.

Since most business owners do not do yearly CRM audit as recommended by industry experts, they have no idea if their new or existing CRM is giving them the maximum ROI they deserve.

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Tamara Burkett has a deep understanding that doing business in today's marketplace is all about developing and managing relationships. Business Relationships at their heart are Social Relationships with eye toward mutual and profitable benefits for both parties or entities in the relationship. Tamara is able to help clients or customers make sense of the relationships and data relative to the actions and behaviors of the customer or client via the use of CRM tools and the data that support CRM systems. Tamara helps clients uncover actionable data and use it to plan for their business growth.

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