Looking for a CRM but don't know where to start?

Whether you are researching CRM or evaluating new CRM options,  we can assess your needs and expectations and guide you through the CRM selection process to create a strategic implementation plan customized to your needs.

Want to improve  existing CRM? 

  We can assess your current CRM system and processes to provide insight on how to optimize and deploy your system to achieve your goals. We also help to improve system adoption and utilization to enhance return on your CRM investment. 


​“With Tamara’s insight and perspective, I successfully introduced a new consulting service to my current network of clients and prospects.”


​Stacy Whaley

CEO of Fire Up & Lead


Personable, professional & devoted. Three words to describe Tamara and her business!



​Keith Kline

CEO OnYourMark LLC.


Ms. Burkett was a joy to work with. We teamed together for an outside project and during this time I was able to recognize her great organizing skills. There isn’t a task presented

that Ms. Burkett doesn’t tackle with strategic planning while focusing on the end results....


Kendrick Watkins

CEO of So You Can Write Publictions