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About Tamara Burkett

“I am because WE are

All the great triumphs and tragedies I’ve experienced have one thing in common; a relationship was the catalyst.  Being of service to others motivate me to do better and be a better human with each no new client. Very few things bring me the exhilaration I feel when a client achieves a business goal. Being on that journey of better performance with someone, is truly an honor. Every journey is an opportunity to fulfill a higher purpose. 

-With over 14 years experience advocating for start ups, non profits & Fortune 500 Clients, I have developed a nationwide reputation for uplifting staff, & developing systems that maximize your return on investment.

- Over six years I’ve been in business and understand how it is to maintain positive relationships with your network

-I am passionate about helping small businesses navigate the complicated terrain of branding so their digital presence attacks their people.


No fluff, no click bait, just human to human communication. I sweat the small details because they matter.

What I believe

  • By harnessing the power of relationships, you can surpass whatever limit you are facing.
  • Sense of self is shaped by your relationships with other people.
  • Leverage technology to enhance relationships.
  • Common sense marketing always works.

My Point of View

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for pro communicators.

Let's Work together


For companies with a small marketing team that need guidance on strategy, tools and skill building. Need access to specialists, tools, best practices? This service is for you.

Brand Management

For coaches and consultants who are a team of 1. If you are looking to outsource branding so you can focus on the needle movers, this service is for you.

CRM Selection

For those who are in the market for a CRM but don't know where to start the search or what they need.

What other People say

Stacey Whaley

CEO of Fire Up & Lead

With Tamara's insight and perspective, I successfully introduced a new consulting service to my current network of clients and prospects. The work we did in clarifying and refining my service packages has helped me to better articulate the value my services provide. Her support gave me a confidence boost that has led to new ways to support my current clients and identify new opportunities for business growth!

Tony Novak

Owner of Tony Noval CPA

A big thanks to Tamara for spending time to help me learn about the process of changing CRMs! She impressed me with her insightful, logical, break-it-down for analysis type of thinking.

Tamara Burkett
Mark Boeder

Mark Boeder


Tamara Burkett has a deep understanding that doing business in today's marketplace is all about developing and managing relationships. Business Relationships at their heart are Social Relationships with eye toward mutual and profitable benefits for both parties or entities in the relationship. Tamara is able to help clients or customers make sense of the relationships and data relative to the actions and behaviors of the customer or client via the use of CRM tools and the data that support CRM systems. Tamara helps clients uncover actionable data and use it to plan for their business growth.

Kendrick Watkins


Ms. Burkett was a joy to work with. We teamed together for an outside project and during this time I was able to recognize her great organizing skills. There isn't a task presented that Ms. Burkett doesn't tackle with strategic planning while focusing on the end results. She's very helpful and enjoying sharing her knowledge about any subject she has mastered. Always, look forward to working with her again.

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