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Stay calm and float your worries away
Stay calm and float your worries away

Many people ask me about all-inclusive vacation packages. They’re great for many reasons however, here are some questions you should ask when deciding if an all-inclusive vacation is right for you.

What’s included in all-inclusive deals?

Sometimes all-inclusive is truly just that, and other times the term is more flexible. For example, some all-inclusive resorts charge surcharges for things you may not think of, such as a safe in your room, internet use, or top shelf liquor or wine.

Others offer unlimited meals at the buffet while limiting, or charging for, meals at their a la carte restaurants.  Beverage plans also vary in options.  Some beverage plans include unlimited nonalcoholic drinks, some have limits. Since the rules can vary drastically from resort to resort, it’s important to do some research and understand them ahead of time.

What activities are included?

Often times, motorized sports and other activities are excluded from all-inclusive deals.

Is entertainment available for children and adults?

Many offer “kids club” as entertainment for children and depending on the brand and package, might be included.

All-inclusive vacations can offer great value. They’re not necessarily a less expensive option but a convenient and less stressful way to vacation.

I cannot emphasize enough about doing research before purchasing an all-inclusive trip.

I have heard many stories of mediocre travel experiences because the vacationer failed to research all-inclusive deals and assumed EVERTHING was included when it wasn’t.

Not a fun surprise!
It’s better to know all the terms of your all-inclusive vacation before you book it then learn about them after you arrive.

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