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Hey pet lovers. I completely understand your devotion to your beloved four-legged kids. They’re comforting, always happy to see you, and entertaining. This dedication has spread to travel as more pet parents are including their pets on getaways. As more tourist destinations like Disney World are becoming pet friendly, below are a few blogs and articles worth checking out.

5 must have items when traveling with your dog: by Esther Muwombi, Contributor Huffington Post

The 5 tips listed seems like a no brainer, but trust me when I say, you’ll be glad you read this article especially if it’ll be your first time traveling with your pooch.

Top 10 Fall Pet Travel Tips: blog post by Epetsure

Yes, more tips for pet travel. This time it’s for any pet. Just in case you need more helpful hints to ensure smooth travel with your pet check out this blog post.

Pet travel tips: when you should leave your dog at home: blog by Travel Moments in Time

Some pdog lovers want travel everywhere with their furry beloved even when it’s not safe. It’s important to know when you should leave your pooch at home. Read this to help evaluate if your favorite k-9 should stay home.

How To Travel With Your Cat: Flying With Your Cat: by Maggie Clancy of Cattime.com

Sometimes it’s necessary to bring along your feline friend and if you’ve never traveled with your cat, read this article first!

Traveling with Pets by Car, Plane, Train or Ship: blog by The Senior List

This blog is complete with a checklist of all items and issues to consider depending on the mode of travel.


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