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It’s time to set sail for an exotic adventure. An island previously off limits and only 90 miles south of Florida.
Let’s tour this island in classic American cars, sip on the world’s best mojitos, and take in panoramic views of old Havana.
Yes, Cuba is an amazing island with plenty to offer.
Although business ties between Cuba and US are somewhat in question, this beautiful island is still open to American travelers.
If you’re daydreaming of a trip to Cuba, the Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas might be the ideal vacation for you. Here’s a look at this boutique boat and what you can expect with Royal Caribbean.

Sail To Cuba In Style

Royal Caribbean recently spent 90 million dollars to renovate the Empress of the Seas. It’s a boutique boat, holding about 2,000 passengers, which makes for an intimate and elegant voyage.
Affordable luxury comes to mind when comparing the cost of Royal Caribbean’s trip to other Cuban cruises.

The festivities begins as the Empress sets sail.
Rhythmic music fills the air as salsa instructors gently guide you to the dance floor for lessons.
There’ll be many opportunities to show off your salsa moves in Havana.

If you’re a history buff and prefer engaging in conversation, connect with Cuban historians or take Spanish lessons.
With plenty to do while onboard the Empress, enjoy taking in the sights, and sound of Cuban culture.

Sight Seeing In Cuba

Once you arrive in Havana, chose from 6 tours the Royal Caribbean has to offer or explore on your own. There are walking tours, motor-coach tours, or tour in an iconic vintage car.
Each tour varies in time and destination.
When visiting Cuba, you cannot use bank cards and phone service is limited, but you can use American dollars (bring singles, fives and ten dollar bills). You can also exchange your dollars for Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) and pay an exchange fee.

And yes, you are allowed to bring back up to 50 cigars and 1 liter of Rum (get Santiago De Rum).
Sights to check out include the Malecon, Plaza de la Revolution, El Morro Castle, and Tropicana Cabaret (great mojitos). And if you’re staying in Cuba overnight, check out western Cuba’s Soroa Orchid Garden and Vinales National Park.

The Empress at Sea has deployment to Cuba scheduled for the end of 2017 through 2019 and seats fill up fast so book your trip today!

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