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Referral Program

As you know, Tamara Burkett is one of the leading Customer Loyalty Architects in the nation when it comes to CRM’s.

Since most business owners do not do yearly CRM audit as recommended by industry experts, they have no idea if their new or existing CRM is giving them the maximum ROI they deserve.

Sometimes business owners were sold a CRM that isn’t a good fit for their business. Or worse, they weren’t properly trained on how to use all of the services they paid for. The people that sold the CRM were loyal to maybe one or two systems, so business owners weren’t given much choice.

Either way, business owners across the country have made major investments in their CRM they use every day to make their business grow. More important, do they know if their new or existing CRM is generating the profitability they deserve?

A CRM is too big of an investment for a business owner not to know that answer.

Our simple, affordable, outside, non-biased, audit services will help business owners squeeze every penny of profitability & service out of their new or existing CRM.

Above all, it will give business owners the peace of mind they deserve.

Since almost every business in the United States – big or small has a CRM, why not share Tamara Burkett expertise with friends, family & or associates to help business owners maximize their profits.

Tamara Burkett would like to introduce our outstanding New Client Referral Program.

If one of your Referrals becomes a New Client of Tamara Burkett, you may choose one of the following:

  • A Tamara Burkett Gift Certificate to be used for any of our future services.
  • A donation to your favorite church, charity, school or non profit in your name from Tamara Burkett.
  • A Visa Gift Card – Welcomed at millions of locations where Visa Debit cards are accepted.

There is no limit to the number of New Referrals you can send to Tamara Burkett.

As a reminder, the bigger the Referral, the bigger the reward!

To find out further details, please contact Tamara Burkett direct at info@TamaraBurkett.com