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Feeling as if so much potential sits untouched on your shelves?
Let this article be your business duster.

Given that the material already exists, the only thing left to do is refresh it.

Using past episodes to generate new, intriguing content might help attract new viewers and keep existing fans interested in the brand. It can also help extend the lifespan of your podcast and make some extra money while you’re at it.

We can’t wait to tell you how.

Scan Old Content

Analyzing the gritty details of an episode will help you decide which is worthy of being repurposed. On this part, your main target is to spot the biggest possibilities a piece of content has and how you may grow something out of it.

Take a metrics overview.

Observe how your previous episodes have performed by scrutinizing their total views, comments, shares, and engagement rates. Through this, you may be able to identify their market potential and how they are going to resonate with your audience.

The ones that have done poorly can be either improved or completely taken out of the picture, depending on your gathered data. Just keep in mind that the main idea here is to regenerate with minimal effort.

Be up-to-date.

It is a widely known fact that time changes way too fast.

You, along with your brand, should keep up with the latest trends in order to still fit in with the public’s taste.

As you go through your slept-on materials, note down the changes that will make them fresh for the audience. You may also consider popular methods such as including visuals or slipping in slang that are fun and engaging.

You may even rerecord them to give them a new taste.

Produce and Reintroduce

Almost there!

Now, let us go to the final steps of revitalizing previous podcast episodes. Here, you need to strategize ways to avoid flopping twice.

Audio, visual, or audio-visual?

The options are limitless. You may develop your product in the forms of audio, video, visual, and written. Each has a specific style that you may play withmusic, teasers, memes, or newsletters.

Based on your target audience, how you present your material will be greatly influenced by the approach you take.

Monetize cleverly.

Are your episodes plausible for subscription services or merchandising offers? If so, grab the opportunity to do so.

During these times, getting viral equates to earning income. Crave to be the talk of the town. Constantly reinvent and fall under the society’s standards of what ‘interesting’ means.

You may, for example, produce shirts that have your podcast channel printed on them. Or maybe create catchy dialogues that your target audience will find fun to repeat and bring up in casual conversations.

As soon as they find out that you are launching bags, caps, or maybe an e-book filled with your highlights, they will surely want one of their own.

Do not let a good episode go to waste.

To do so, you, yourself, have to believe that your work does not deserve to go unnoticed.

There is no harm in wanting to monetize old content. As long as you are going to rebuild a much higher quality service for your customers with the same good intention of informing and assisting them, what you’re doing is still worth paying for.

Explore and recreate. Be the next great thing.


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