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Are you ready to start your own voice channel but are challenged to maintain listeners? There must be something more that you should be working on.

Worry not, as this article will equip you with all the clues and techniques that will elevate your podcasting career.

Come up with a content.

When we say ‘content’, we do not mean just anything you could think of but something that actually resonates with the concept you are planning to build.

For example, if you wish to launch a channel that focuses on health and fitness, then stick with it. If you suddenly release an episode all about gaming, your listeners will most likely drop their subscriptions.

Once you have a firm decision about the theme you’re going for, it is better to brainstorm future topics in advance. This method will help you gain consistency with your uploads, beating the power of a writer’s block.

Prepare your recording room.

To get rid of any background noise, such as cars honking outside your front door or people talking way too loudly, it would be a smart idea to set up a space that is quiet and unreceptive to any interference.

Mic test, mic test.

Speaking of which, there may be instances where unnecessary sounds may come up unnoticed. Before thinking of putting your material out to the public, do not forget to test your equipment first, especially your mic.

To gain even more clarity, it is highly suggested that you keep your mouth close to the microphone. When recording with a boom arm, you can position the microphone either close to your mouth or pointed up. If you’re videotaping, then the mic should be pointed downward.

Keep in mind that you must keep your audio levels in the green or yellow spectrum. If it goes red, it will most likely cause distortion.

Persuade purposely.

Persuasion holds a great deal of power in regards to attracting and sustaining listeners. In this area, you are competing against the people’s attention span, so start your episode with a really catchy line that will pique their interest.

Stay on track during the entire time period by keeping a bulleted flow of your program. This will help you determine whether you have successfully discussed your target topics.

Speak coherently and not too fast. A few momentary pauses can help your audience digest what you just said.

Polish your work.

Your material is made. Now, it’s time to refine them.

Trim the parts that aren’t needed, smoothen out your audio, add a few non-copyrighted sound effects, and don’t overedit.

Keep it straightforward yet filled with juicy stories. In such a manner, you won’t leave the impression of having sugar-coated content and will appear professional instead.

Pass It On.

Satisfied? You may now publish it on a platform where your listeners can access it.

Extract the MP3 format of your episodes and upload them to a podcast host. What it will do is send out your episodes as you publish them to iTunes, Google, Spotify, SoundCloud, Patreon, Stitcher, and all other places.

Building a podcast channel of your own is an influential move that can cause drastic changes in your business and image. There are tons of other podcasters out there, but as long as you have quality material, there is no need to be fazed.

Moreover, there is no better way to promote your content than by keeping it concise and simple. Your audience values their time just as much as you do with yours, so making every second count should be your top priority.

After all, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is if you have driven home the point.


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