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Purpose Revealed: Serving Entrepreneurs

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve gone off script with the last few posts and you may be wondering,”What the heck is going on?”

I’ve written about travel for several months and now you see posts about business and self-improvement.
Confusing right?

First, I’d like to apologize for the confusion.

The last thing I want to do is confuse my readers. I enjoy travel and believe in all the benefits it has to offer I’ve uncovered my true passion, helping entrepreneurs.

You know that feeling of complete bliss get after doing something you truly enjoy?

Well that’s the feeling I get when I serve entrepreneurs.

It’s time to accept my calling and share my wisdom with the world.

As a small business owner, I understand the challenges we face wearing multiple hats. We work countless hours marketing, serving others, and improving our business.

My entrepreneurial journey has been filled with triumphs and mistakes, Mount Everest peak highs and deep ditch valleys lows. Yet, through it all, I’m stronger, more confident.

I’ve spent countless hours prospecting, and feeding the marketing beast and almost depleted my resources. If I knew what I know now, I could have saved thousands of dollars and be further along in my business.

I want to share what I’ve learned with so entrepreneurs can avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.

I want your business journey be less tumultuous, and more fulfilling.

I’m committed to helping small business owners create relationship focused marketing strategies that are aligned with their branding and lifestyle.

We all know relationships are key to living a fulfilled life. It turns out the same is true for building a strong, sustainable business. There is a trend of hacking business relationships and it’s costing entrepreneurs money!

What if you could turn key clients into permanent referral sources? How much time and money would you save? How much money would you earn? It’s time to work smart not hard!

Future posts will focus on my passion and I ask for your patience as I transition. I’ll continue to write about travel as it relates to business and still include hot vacation deals from time to time.

If my new focus doesn’t interest you, no hard feelings. Share this posts with someone who would benefit from the information. If you’re a service provider and you’re tired of feeding the marketing beast, than stay tune for future posts.

Thanks for your understanding!

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Do You Know How To Change Your Bad Mood?

Happy day everyone!

Some of you woke up grateful and excited to get the day the started, while the rest of us woke up thinking damn, here we go again…..

I tell you, some days I have to slide out of bed because I don’t want to adult. I try to find positive things to look forward to change my attitude. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that looking forward to something or someone and turn your day around.

Who knew right?

If you’re anything like me, you like to look up every question you have about life and chances are you find some pretty cool videos and podcasts.  Any time I get writer’s block, feel useless, or just plain stuck, I have my go to list of videos and audio. Below is my top 7 mood changing list. Just promise you’ll share your list with me too!


We all need motivation from time to time and I like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, etc. Here’s one that strikes a nerve every time I hear it. It gets me fired up and ready to work.

Dr. Eric Thomas, You owe you

Ted Talk: Change Your Mind Change Your Mindset

Music favs:

Music can be very healing and it’s great when you need to change your attitude.  I listen to the songs below to change my mood, especially before a big meeting or event.  When I need to strut my stuff and light up the room, I listen to this:

Kendrick Lemar I

Floacist The Stand

The Jackson 5 Can You Feel It

Continuous Learning

I most Americans, I’m a fan of personal development.  Although it’s easy to overdose on all the books, articles, and podcasts available, I found an interesting anti personal development article that’s worth reading.  For those who are on “positive thinking” overload, read this article to find balance.

5 Brutal Truths I learned after positive thinking screwed up my life

If you’re an entrepreneur who gets that dreaded blank star every time you say your elevator pitch, this one’s for you!

Sam Horn: How to Create Interest and Connect with Anyone

What are your favorite motivational talks, videos, and podcasts?

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