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How To Optimize YOUR Brain Power & Take Massive Action

If you created your 2018 Business Success Plan or are working on it, chances are your plan will call for massive action.

We optimize our resources for efficiency and value. Why not optimize the most powerful asset available to us, our brain?

Most entrepreneurs buy in to the latest trend of hustling and overlook the importance of enhancing our brain power. Yet, when it comes to taking massive action, providing your brain what it needs to deliver peak performance wins hands down.

Experienced business owners understand how their brains operate and work with it to optimize results. Do you?

What do you need to know about your brain for peak performance?

We’ve all experienced the auto pilot effect.

For example, arriving home with few memories of the mechanical process of driving there, or our daily morning routine. When we repeatedly do something, it becomes second nature.

When you form habits they become part of our subconscious, or long-term memory. Using less energy, you perform habitual activities without thinking about them. Learning something new, or solving complex problems requires more energy.
You have to think about what you’re doing because it’s stored as a short-term memory.

The goal for brain optimization is 3-fold; to transition vital information from short -term to long- term as quickly as possible, reserve energy, and restore energy reserves when depleted.

8 way to Optimize Your Brain Power

1. Empty your brain of to-do lists and ideas. Keep a notepad with you so you can jot down ideas when they come and use technology to create to-do lists. As David Allen stated in his book Getting Things Done, “Your brain is for having ideas, not storing them.”

2. Practice makes mastery. Move essential information and knowledge from short-term memory to long-term through practice and reinforcement. Once in long-term memory, you expend less energy.

3. Use pictures and music to remember information. Did you know that long-term memories are stored in the emotional brain? Linking information with music and pictures will enhance your memory.

4. Reserve decisions making energies. Use your energy to make important decisions. Energy used to decide what to eat can be used elsewhere. Decide on breakfast once and have the same thing for the next week or month.

5. Work on complex tasks during peak brain times. Do you know what time of day you’re the most alert and focused? Are mornings the best time for you? Maybe you prefer the afternoons or evenings. If you don’t know, experiment and find the time of day you’re laser focused. Tasks the involve planning, brainstorming, or tasks you don’t want to do should be worked on during your peak time. FYI, it’s normal to have more than 1 peak time.

6. Rest and recover. When work becomes challenging, give yourself a break for your brain to recover. Allow at least 15 minutes. If you’re feeling stuck and can’t find the answer, walk away and allow your brain to relax. You’ll find your brain will give you an answer when you least expect it.

7. Stay nourished. Avoid skipping meals and stay hydrated to restore energy.

8. One thing at a time. Multitasking is a huge energy drainer. Avoid distractions and focus on one task for a determined time period.

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Visit Milwaukee in August

Yes, it’s August. Can you believe it?

School shopping has officially begun and before long it’ll be time to get the leaf blower out.

Now before we fill our minds with visions of sugar plums and snow fairies, let’s plan an epic farewell to summer adventure!

That’s right, let’s go all out and create a jam packed August schedule filled with festivals, block parties, concerts, movie nights, cook outs and anything else you can think of.

Milwaukee summers are known for it’s abundant festivals and outdoor activities and August is the last month to appreciate it.
If you have yet to explore all of what Mil-town has to offer, why not start right now?

We’re kicking this adventure off  with a calendar of events for you.  Take a look and share with family and friends.

Now -August 11

Wisconsin State Fair- Fair grounds
Old-fashioned family fun with livestock exhibitions, live music, carnival rides and any food you can imagine deep fried, on a stick or both. Check out the 200,000 square foot exhibition center packed with vendors, exhibitors, art displays and try a cream puff.

August 1-6

Milwaukee Comedy Festival- Multiple venues
The Milwaukee Comedy Festival is the biggest comedy event of the year celebrating 12 years of bringing joy and laughter to Milwaukee.  Since 2005 the festival has featured performers in live stand-up comedy, improv, and sketch comedy

August 5

Center Street Daze block party -Riverwest block party between Holton and Humboldt.
This community festival has become a neighborhood tradition. Enjoy great beer, live music and a day out with friends. The festival also features a Classic Car Show, a dunk tank, numerous craft vendors and the entertaining Art Car races. After the streets clear out, the multitude of bars and cafes in the area keep the party going well into the night.

August 5 & 6

Firefly Art Fair: Kneeland-Walker house in Wauwatosa
Firefly presents over 75 juried artists, representing an array of art from a variety of media. Food and drink are available, along with live entertainment. The Firefly Art Fair is held at the historic Kneeland-Walker House at 7406 Hillcrest Drive in the garden.

August 6

Jazz Visions On The Lake – Henry Maier Festival Park
Free one-day, community event that will showcase local jazz musicians.

August 9

Grateful Dead night- Miller Park
Brewer’s game


Black and Brown T-Shirt get Down-Highland Garden Supportive Living
One day event to showcase local small businesses.

August 13

Puerto Rican Family Festival- Humboldt Park
Free and open to the public. Celebrating our Puerto Rican Cultural with traditional music, food, and dance. Featuring a Home Run Derby Competition, Salsa Dance Contest, Car Show, Drum Circle, Health Fair, Children’s Area, Cultural Exihibit, and More. FREE and open to the public.

August 16

Newaukee Night Market- West Wisconsin Ave. between 2nd and 4th streets
The Night Market is a free, open-air market that offers a wide variety of experiences for people of all backgrounds and ages. The Night Market features a mash up of art, craft and food vendors, live art creation, local music and a beer garden.  The goal is to create a free, vibrant, safe and interactive place in downtown Milwaukee for people to experience culture at night.

Sculpted Realities- Jewish Museum
Exhibit and discussion on sculpture of Adolph Rosenblatt. Admission $5

August 17-20

Irish Fest- Maier Park
An ethnic festival that features over 250 acts on 17 stages

MKE Punk Fest- Multiple venues
A 7 day music festival featuring 60 acts and for venues with a goal to raise over 300 lbs of food for the hunger task Force.

August 19

Lakefront Movies (Lego Batman)- Veterans Park
Indiafest- Humboldt Park
5th annual ethnic festival celebrating Indian culture and history.  Featuring Indian music, dances from classical to contemporary, a parade, fashion show and authentic Indian food.

August 23

Dead Man’s Carnival- Washington Park
Carnival featuring tricks and treats, music and a modern day vaudevillian variety show that includes comedy, magic, juggling, obscure sideshow stunts, and human oddities. Closing out the night,  will be Brewcity Fire Brigade with  fire performances and death-defying acts.

August 24

Harry & Peg Bradley’s Backyard Barbeque- Lynden Sculpture Garden
Fundraiser featuring local, sustainable foods catered by Braise, libations from Brenner Brewing, entertainment including close-up magic by Matthew Teague, music by Nickel & Rose and members of the Nathan Hale High School Orchestra, hands-on art and nature activities, a silent auction, and more. All proceeds benefit our education programs.

August 25

An Evening with The Trailer Park Boys- Riverside Theater
Music concert you may not want to take your mom to, unless she belong to a biker’s club and drink Ol’ English out of a can.  Just sayin.

August 26

Wisconsin Bat Festival-Mitchell Park Conservatory
The festival features activities for children, families, educators and conservation professionals. Presentations, speakers, live animals, hands-on activities, games for kids, and interactive exhibits provide a full day of fun and environmental education.

August 25-27

Mexican Fest- Henry Maier Festival Park
Ethnic festival celebrating Mexican culture and history, featuring food, music, dance, art and more.

Saint Matthias Parish Festival- 92nd & Oklahoma
Neighborhood festival featuring rides, games, food, wine, bingo and more.

August 30-September2

National Hog Rally
Five days of music, motorcycles, Circus Una’s High-Wire Motorcycle Thrill Show, Rhett Rotten’s Wall of Death, food trucks, artisans and more.

Let’s enjoy the summer while it last!


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