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Cookbook Inspiration For Your Next Getaway

Have you ever planned a trip based on your favorite book?

If you’ve started thinking about 2018 travels, I have a delightful idea your friends and family will love. Before I share it, I want to share with you a podcast/article from The Leonard Lopate Show.  It’s titled Gabrielle Langholtz Explores America’s 50 States Of Food.  As I listened to the podcast, I imagined a group of girlfriends and I riding in an old school VW van, laughing, café hoping, and enjoying each other’s company.

Imagine taking a cross country road trip based on a cookbook.

How much fun would that be?  How long would it take?

You could visit relatives, take cooking lessons, eat where the locals eat, live stream your journey via Snapchat, etc. I’m sure you and your friends could brainstorm endless ideas.

The link below. Listen to the podcast, copy a few recipes, and share your road trip ideas with us!  It’s never too early for planning your summer 2018 travels.

Check out the following recipes from Gabrielle Langholtz: America: The Cookbook!


States: Maine, Pennsylvania

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Serves: 8-9 large whoopie pies

This cake-like chocolate sandwich cookie started showing up in bakeries and lunchboxes in the 1920s, and both Maine and Pennsylvania claim it as their own. It gets its name from the reception it gets when it is served. A whoopie pie can be as big as a hamburger. Serve with a glass of cold milk……


State: California

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 40 minutes

Serves: 8

Dairy-free, Vegetarian

Los Angeles is home to the largest Korean-American community in the country. Serve these pancakes with a soy dipping sauce, if desired……..

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Top 3 Family Vacation Ideas For The Fall

School’s back in session and you know what that means, car pools, after school activities, and homework.  It’s a bitter sweet change in your daily routine and it can feel daunting at times.

I can relate.

Children have the same mixed feelings about the school season and while parents celebrate having our homes kid free during the day, planning a fall trip will ease  the pressure of a demanding family schedule.

Why not take advantage of school breaks and plan a family getaway?
Here are the top 3 vacation ideas taken from Travel Agent magazine.

Theme Parks

Perennial theme parks are a popular choice family getaways and every year there’s something new for visitors to experience. Universal Orlando opened its new Volcano Bay water park late spring.

It’s the third theme park in the resort, spanning 30 acres and four themed areas. Enjoy the 200 foot body plunge slide, 124 foot water slides and the Krakatau Aqua Coaster. If death defying rides isn’t for you, there’s multi-directional wave pool with sandy beaches, a winding river and plenty of places to lounge and relax.

The 22nd annual Epcot International Food and Wine Festival runs from August 31 through November 13th.

This festival is  packed with activities the whole family can enjoy. There’s entertainment and eats for foodies. Children receive a passport that can be stamped at a collection of 35 global marketplace booths.

Local indoor theme parks in Wisconsin Dells offers an wide array of fun too..

Road Trips

Did you know that Georgia is a hotspot for the Hollywood film industry?

That’s right, location scouts and director flock to this beautiful state to film movies like the Hunger Games: Catching fire, XMen First Class, and The Blind Side.

Georgia Film Selfie Spot Tour, a self-guided tour, is open until  the end of the year. Visit 33 sites across the state. Each site marks the ideal spot for the perfect selfie.    Visit “Captain America: Civil War,” at the Porsche Experience Center, Atlanta, where families can test drive a Porsche and take a selfie at the Avengers’ Headquarters.


Little River Inn, a three hour drive from San Francisco. Spend time at the Pennyroyal Dairy tasting handcrafted cheeses, ride the heritage Skunk Train along redwoods and take a guided kayaking tour of nearby sea caves.
A special 2 night package for two adults, two children under 12, above mention activities and 1 breakfast for four is priced at $945.

Did I mention Little River Inn is pet friendly?

You can begin pricing vacations for October and November, when the weather averages are mid-eighties and seventies in most southern states.  Perfect timing for the first days off from school.

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Weekend Trip To Minneapolis

Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden

Our weekend trip to Minneapolis went exactly as I hoped. The 6 hour road trip kicked off with a visit with Ryan’s parents before heading across the state. The smooth ride allowed me to catch up on my reading as we drove through endless farmland.

Ryan and I kept the pit stops to a minimum and only stopped for lunch.
(Although I enjoy frequent pit stops on a road trip, we didn’t have time for laligaging).

We ate lunch at El Tequila Salsa in Wausau. The festive decor and great food made this restaurant a worthwhile stop.

Intermedia Arts

Intermedia Arts
Intermedia Arts

Once in Minneapolis, we checked out Intermedia Arts on Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis. If you’ve ever driven down Lyndale Avenue and seen a building covered with colorful murals, that’s the place.

Intricate graffiti, expressive portraits, and whimsical landscapes covered the exterior. Since my honey enjoys photographing murals, we had to stop.
Each mural was different from the next and some were so strange that I had to have a look inside.

As I tip toed through the door, and as I stood in the small entry way, I could see people in small groups engaged in deep discussion.

Feeling like an intruder, I immediately  began to turn back around.

Before I could make a break for the door, I was greeted with a warm welcome and asked if I wanted to join in the discussions. After introducing myself and explaining why I was there, the manager allowed us to take pictures and roam around.

Intermedia Arts
Intermedia Arts

Intermedia is a multidisciplinary, multicultural arts organization. Their mission is to build understanding among people by catalyzing and inspiring artists to make changes in their lives and communities.
What a cool mission and a true asset to Minneapolis!

Our next stop was the family. Ryan and I met little Marin for the first time. She slept for the first we were there. Ryan’s first time holding baby Marin was a precious moment.
We hung out with his brother and family for a few hours. They have 4 year old twin girls who are hilarious! The girls read to us, danced, played keyboard, and gave us a tour of their house.
It was a great time catching up and spending time with everyone.

Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden in downtown Minneapolis was our last stop before heading home. The sun came out and revealed this charming garden, filled with quirky sculptures and playful contraptions.  The proud rooster stood at attention as the guardian of the garden.

I took in the garden with all of my senses with the curiosity of a child.  We could have stayed there for hours but it was time to hit the road and start our journey back home.

My weekend getaway pretty low key and chill. The gloomy weather was a good excuse stay in and watch Fixer Upper reruns.  It was a carefree trip. I spent time with family, learned about an amazing art organization and indulged in the simple things.  Thank goodness I put aside those negative thoughts and focused on what was important; connection and relaxation.

What are your plans this weekend?

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