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Tamara Burkett at TamaraBurkett.com Welcomes You!


Tamara Burkett welcomes you to our new web home!

Hello, I’m Tamara Burkett, your Independent Travel Agent, and I want to change the way you think about travel.

I had many travel experiences, some amazing and others

Picture of Tamara Burkett, your independent travel agent.
Tamara Burkett, your independent travel agent.

not so great but through them all, I developed a better awareness of self and acceptance of others. I believe that travel is more than time to relax and have fun or a sign of social status. An epic travel experience includes connection to self, family and community. Combine these elements with advance planning, and research and an amazing travel adventure is created. Helping others to design meaningful, fantastic vacations is the focus of my website.

I developed TamaraBurkett.com to simplify travel and provide you with what the insider’s know of the products and services available to you for travel.  My site includes a weekly blog, information on travel certificates, destination reviews, travel deals, and more.

If you are looking for a better way to travel or how to travel more, you are in the right place!  I have a

variety of services and would be more than happy to accommodate your travel needs.

Thanks again and welcome to my TamaraBurkett.com

You are welcome to Contact Us anytime!

Or check us out on Facebook at TamaraBurket



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