A big thanks to Tamara for spending time to help me learn about the process of changing CRMs! She impressed me with her insightful, logical, break-it-down for analysis type of thinking.

WarHorse Executive Search / WarHorse Talent / WarHorse Executives Podcast

Tamara Burkett has a deep understanding that doing business in today's marketplace is all about developing and managing relationships. Business Relationships at their heart are Social Relationships with eye toward mutual and profitable benefits for both parties or entities in the relationship. Tamara is able to help clients or customers make sense of the relationships and data relative to the actions and behaviors of the customer or client via the use of CRM tools and the data that support CRM systems. Tamara helps clients uncover actionable data and use it to plan for their business growth.

Mark Boeder Founder

With Tamara's insight and perspective, I successfully introduced a new consulting service to my current network of clients and prospects. The work we did in clarifying and refining my service packages has helped me to better articulate the value my services provide. Her support gave me a confidence boost that has led to new ways to support my current clients and identify new opportunities for business growth!

Stacey Whaley CEO of Fire Up & Lead

Ms. Burkett was a joy to work with. We teamed together for an outside project and during this time I was able to recognize her great organizing skills. There isn't a task presented that Ms. Burkett doesn't tackle with strategic planning while focusing on the end results. She's very helpful and enjoying sharing her knowledge about any subject she has mastered. Always, look forward to working with her again.

I've been in sales and marketing for 10 years and CRM and systems is always a big component of my process and for my clients. It was time for me to restructure my consulting business to where I wanted to take my business, NOT maintain where it is now. This is why I hired Tamara to help me understand where my workflows and systems need to be and which platforms will streamline this process. Just because I had a system, didn't make for it to be the most effective or efficient for my needs. Coming from someone who understands the importance of her expertise I appreciate how she doesn't try to stick every client into a cookie-cutter system or workflow. Instead, she takes the time to understand the needs and systems to customize that will work for the structure YOU need and why I recommend clients to her. I help my clients specifically with their event flow and process, but more times than not they need help beyond the event campaign itself and where I refer them to get their CRM and workflow in place.

I cannot say enough about Tamara. I have had my business for 6 years and I have struggled with finding the right programs to do what I wanted them to do. I have paid premium prices for things that I just did not need and did not do all the things I needed so I would end up with 2-3 different programs just to get what I needed. Tamara chatted with me about what I wanted to do, my dream list of things really. She came back to me with the perfect solution. A CRM and an email program that I was going to be able to accomplish everything that I wanted it to do as well as some things that I didn't even know I wanted that are awesome! And with all this she is saving me over $100 a month just in products and probably well over that every day just in my time spent on things. Tamara is amazing at what she does!

I was told by a follow up coach to find a CRM and centralize my customer data in preparation of working with her. Luckily, as I shared my dread of the tedious work ahead in my Facebook group, Tamara Burkett informed me it was unnecessary. Tamara provided a CRM that synced with the tools I currently use which saved me time and money. She trained me in how to optimize my system and taught me how to leverage that system to grow my business. I was able to track my business activities for the first time ever. Because of Tamara's help I found $20,000 in my sales pipeline in an hour! I now have a CRM that supports my business growth and suddenly sales is, dare I say it? Fun. Thanks Tamara!