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Congratulations, you finally decided to take the vacation of your dreams. You’ve read travel magazines, online reviews and asked your loved ones where you should go. You want your vacation to be magical, filled with adventure, relaxation, and fun… lots of fun. Now comes the hard part….

Creating a travel budget (Yikes)!

How much will this trip of a lifetime cost?

Travel expenses can vary greatly depending on travel preferences, so it’s important to make a travel budget early on.

Most experts will tell you to start with the biggest expense first, but that’s not what I suggest and here’s why…

Flight and lodging are usually the biggest expenses, but if those things aren’t important  to you, then they don’t have to be the biggest part of your budget.
Some travelers value recreational activities and entertainment more so then lodging. I suggest you prioritize what’s most important and budget accordingly.

Yes, I know, this may sound counter intuitive for some of you and that’s ok.

I’ve found when travelers start with the biggest expense (transportation and lodging), they leave little room in their budget for activities and entertainment which is a big NO, NO.

A great travel experience is created when you do.

Don’t get me wrong, staying at a luxury hotel is exciting and it enhances the travel experience. The same can be true for transportation. Remember, creating a travel budget is the foundation for your epic vacation. It’s the cornerstone of your travel experience.

When I think about the vacations I had, the best travel memories are of the different activities I experienced. Like the one time we went ziplining, or when we went on a Segway tour. The hotels we stayed in were nice, but that’s not what made the trip fun. What made it fun was what we did and who we befriended.

Now what I’m suggesting doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it too (luxury lodging, exciting activities, the best transportation). It simply implies that you should create a budget that reflect what’s most important to you.

Running out of money, or worrying about cash flow during your trip is stressful and can quickly ruin your trip.

Which brings me to the next golden nugget…Including miscellaneous expenses into your budget!!!!

This is a must because unexpected things happen while you’re travelling. The unexpected can be anything from illness to a spontaneous outing. No matter the reason, you can’t go wrong with having miscellaneous cash.
If nothing else, returning home with extra cash in your pocket is a lovely feeling.

Of course meals, travel insurance, and travel gear should be included in your budget as well, especially if you’re traveling abroad.

Websites like www.budgetyourtrip.com and www.tripcipe.com are great resources when planning your travel budget. A travel agent is also a great resource for suggestions and booking your travel.

I hope my tips serve you well as you begin to plan your next excursion!

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