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Say, you already have your fair share of experience and knowledge of podcasting, but there’s just something that you feel like missing. What could that be?

In this article, we will move past the basics and delve into the deeper mechanisms of how to run your channel like a complete professional. Come along and don’t forget to take notes, as you will need quite a handful of mental post-its as we go through it all.

Get a Good Mic

This line is overused, but it’s true. Get a good—no, a fine mic.

Your main service here is to offer a high-quality listening experience. The content, no matter how important or interesting it is, will be useless if your audio is choppy.

You may refer to the mics others are using, or you may canvass and figure out which one works for you best.

Learn the correct way of handling a microphone:

Keep your mouth 2-4 inches away from the mic, and even farther when taking pauses between sentences.

Demonstrate a mic test from different angles in the room to check from where your audio appears the finest.

Keep track of your every move.

Jot down notes before, during, and after your every show. By doing this, you will be able to identify which parts go and stay in your upcoming episodes. This will also serve as your guide to remain focused on your chosen subject and deliver a holistic idea.

You should also attend to your patterns:

Observe uniformity in titles. You may try to experiment by changing your ways per season—to make the new episodes really appear new to the public.

Align your musical scoring depending on the weight of your topic.

Never forget to sum up the discussion and produce a conclusion.

Focus On Your Competency

You are not the only one who wants to succeed in the field. As a matter of fact, the number of new podcasts has increased throughout the years and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon, which should be a normal sight to you.

Do not be easily disheartened. On the brighter side of things, as podcasting becomes mainstream, you should be able to market to more and more listeners, too. Keep in mind that although you are going against a wave of newcomers, there is also a layer of idle and dead shows that lies underneath.

The come-and-go situation should be enough reason for you to remain calm and collected despite the growing statistics.

Follow the Trend

To a passerby or a visitor, you are nothing but a title and a thumbnail. Make sure that you also pay attention to your channel’s overall appeal.

Considering what is trendy and adjusting your image and tone according to what is loud or prominent in the present times will shape your timeliness and relevance to the ever-changing people with regularly shifting listening habits.

You may, for example, design your thumbnails based on today’s creativity standards, and/or you may slip in slang or jokes that most people seem to enjoy recently.

Appearing youthful, regardless of your target audience, will elevate your channel’s standing and viewpoints.

Work It Like You Mean It

Before you finalize your material, you have to absorb the fact that you will be doing this entire process for a long time. Do you think you’re truly prepared to commit to this?

It will take you an abundant amount of flexibility and patience in order to be able to gain a professional approach and actually execute it properly. You have to be adaptive to changes and reflective of time.

If you find it hard to handle all tasks at once, you are very much encouraged to ask for help from a wide range of freelancers who are willing to transcribe, research, and edit for you.

Although starting and managing a podcast channel seems like an easy thing to do, it actually cannot operate without a comprehensive plan or methodology.

Let out your inner creativity. Think of a strategy that you may personalize from time to time to make your content truly yours.

Lastly, begin your practice informed.


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