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Something pretty cool is finally happening and during this time of gratitude and celebration, I want to express my appreciation for this new reality.

Since the successful launch of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner Vol 3, the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small business owners is finally out.

Until recently, small business owners and entrepreneurs were lumped together with mid-size and large companies for technology solutions and best practices; as if there isn’t a need to separate them.

But we know differently.

Just as school aged children have different needs compared to teenagers, small business owners have different needs compared to large companies.

Of course, small business owners want access to tools and services Corporate America has to support our business growth.

In rushes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a tool from Corporate America which has been recently made accessible to small business owners.  Yet, leveraging CRM for business growth has been an enigma.

So Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner Vol 3 has a full chapter dedicated to providing you with information needed to demystify CRM.

Now small business owners are equipped with the necessary knowledge to select, optimize, and leverage the right system for their business.

The benefits of using CRM is tremendous and can accelerate your business growth. Below are my top 3 essential advantages for using a proper CRM.

1. Centralize your customer data

Misplaced crucial information results in missed opportunities. How many times have you taken notes about a potential customer and misplaced it? Yeah, it happens to the best of us but rarely do we consider this nuisance a leading contributor to lost opportunities. Well, combine misplaced information with lost emails and what do you get? Repeated conversations, annoyed potential customers, and lost opportunities.  You lose the opportunity to help potential customers feel heard by capturing important information the first time they share something personal with you. You lose the opportunity to be memorable when you are unable to move conversations forward. These factors influence someone decisions to buy from you, collaborate with you or become a business ally.

2. Improve follow-up consistency

Talk to small business owners about follow-ups and most will admit consistency is a major challenge. Not only is it difficult to follow-up with new contacts, it’s also challenging to keep the conversation going. But what if you had a tool remind you of who to follow-up with and when once their information was in your system?  How would that change your business?

3. Reports and analytics

When you customer data is centralized, you’re able to analyze your sales and marketing processes to identify needed improvements, forecast revenue and track buying patterns. Equipped with such powerful information about your business, you can make better decisions, prioritize projects and purchases. This all amounts to accelerated business growth which can’t not be possible without centralizing your customer data.

It’s important to understand the level of commitment needed in order for CRM to truly accelerate your business growth. It takes time to select the right CRM and time to optimize it too. Taking shortcuts is strongly discouraged. But if you’re ready to take a quantum leap in your business. CRM is the way to go.


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