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Recent hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria halted travel for many vacationers and with holiday day travel plans in full swing, most tourists are crossing the Caribbean off their destination list.
But not so fast!
There several islands open for business. Below are excerpts taken from Travel & Leisure, Cruise Critic, and The Washington Post explaining which islands are tourist ready.

Hurricane Aftermath: What to Know If You’ve Booked a Caribbean Cruise (Travel & Leisure)

Travelers may be surprised at the number of Caribbean cruise ports that were entirely unaffected by the storms. In fact, both Irma and Maria avoided altogether the port cities of the Western Caribbean (which includes Mexican ports of call and Belize) and the Southern Caribbean (the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao).

Additionally, the Bahamas are virtually unscathed and open for business. And the St. Kitts port Basseterre opened almost immediately after Hurricane Irma.

Many other ports, including Gustavia on St. Bart’s, are open, but only for relief efforts — one of the reasons it’s important to confirm itinerary details for your individual sailing.

Hurricane Season 2017: Which Caribbean Cruise Ports Are Open? (Cruise Critic)

More than 30 Caribbean cruise ports have been affected by either Irma or Maria. More than a dozen ports have re-opened to cruise passengers since Irma, some faster than expected — Key West had originally expected to be closed to cruise ships through October 20, but reopened to Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas on September 24.

Hurricane Maria also passed by the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. Seven ports are officially closed due to damage from Hurricane Irma; others — like Dominica — have been equally devastated by Maria. Other ports are still are pending further assessment.

Which hurricane-affected areas in the Caribbean and U.S. are open for business? (Washington Post)

U.S. Virgin Islands
Governor Kenneth E. Mapp announced that St. Thomas’s Cyril E. King Airport has reopened to commercial flights, with American and Delta airlines offering flights from the U.S. mainland.
The governor said cruise ships could probably return to St. Thomas and St. Croix as soon as Oct. 15 but that late October is more “realistic.”

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