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If the last two weeks of hurricanes have you rethinking your vacation plans, you’re not alone. Watching the news report as hurricane Irma slamed the Caribbean was terrifying.

As I imagined vacations being interrupted by extreme weather, my heart sank. Waiting out the hurricane in your sixth floor hotel room is dangerous.

What if that were me and my family? What would we do? What could we do?

The unexpected like hurricane Irma can happen anywhere at any time while on vacation.

If and when it does, knowing you’re protected from the extra costs of vacation interruptions is priceless.

Travel insurance can provide the security needed in case the unexpected happens while traveling. Here is what you should know about Travel Insurance.

Handling A Crisis

You’ve planed the ultimate family trip and the day before vacation your child becomes sick.  You’ll be out of thousands if you cancel the trip, but there really no other option.

With cancellation protection coverage, you can recoup most of your costs or you reschedule your dream trip.  Most vacation packages are non refundable so it’s a good idea to have cancellation coverage.

What if you’re vacationing in France and while soaking in the beautiful scenery, you get a call that your house is badly damaged from a storm or your dad was in a serious accident.
Would you want to continue your vacation as planned?

Of course not!

Going home to handle things is all you care about. Having interruption coverage will help you recoup most of your costs so you can get home ASAP.

Baggage Replacement

We’ve all heard of someone who’s had their luggage lost/ stolen or have been a victim of it.

Isn’t it comforting to know travel insurance has baggage benefits?

Yes, baggage benefits can help with replacing your essentials if bags are delayed, damaged or stolen.

Health Coverage

Having a health scar while on vacation is something we never want to imagine but it can happen.

Being faced with a serious injury or health condition while traveling can put a huge financial dent in your pocket, especially when touring outside the country.

Travel insurance with medical coverage can direct you to  English speaking doctors or hospital, help pay for care, arrange payments for major medical emergencies, and even arrange for private medical evacuations in remote areas.

Coverage For Minor Hiccups

Not all travelers have complex vacations overseas. Simple travel insurance with car protection can cover car rental costs should you get into a fender bender.
By using travel insurance, you avoid getting your car insurance provider involved, which can lead to a premium increase.

Peace of Mind

Many vacationers skip travel insurance to avoid paying more for their vacation. I understand and have been guilty of it too.

We live with more uncertainly today than ever and not having the added protection of travel insurance can mean disaster should you need it but don’t have it.
When choosing travel insurance, keep in mind that third party coverage can provide more benefits than the operating tour group planning your trip.

Not all travel insurance is created equal and knowing what’s available will help you choose the right plan for you.

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  • Great points to consider when traveling. I’ve taken travel insurance and other times not. After reading this, I believe I’m back to looking into it again! Thanks for the great news.

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