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Stress Free Travel
Stress Free Travel


Stress free travel is essential to a great vacation and now you have the information needed to plan an epic getaway. The How to Plan Stress Free Travel articles include many insider’s tips that you may not have heard before or considered.

If you’ve had mediocre travel experiences or you’re looking for a sure fire way to make all of your travels amazing, these articles are for you!

Before we dive into our recap of Planning Stress Free Travel, you might want to click here for an introduction of the series. The Planning Stress Free Travel series includes budget planning, itinerary and activities, lodging and transportation, all-inclusive vacations, and travel agent vs online booking.

Planning a travel budget: How To Prioritize Your Budget

Question– What travel components are most important to you?

All too often, travelers spend most of their travel budget on transportation and lodging and little funds left for activities and entertainment. Having and amazing vacation is about what you do while traveling more so than where you stay.

Creating a travel budget that reflects your priorities will help ensure there’s enough funds in your budget for what’s important to you.

Itinerary & Activities: Set The Tone For Your Trip

Create a rough schedule of your daily activities and include free time. The right combination of excitement, spontaneity and relaxation will create an amazing travel experience. Researching activities and purchasing them ahead of time will save you money.

Lodging & Transportation: Insider’s Knowledge

Calling hotels directly can get you great deals, better than third party booking sites.
Understanding hotel brands and booking hotels near the attractions you’ll visit can also amount to great savings.

All-inclusive Vacations: Are They A Good Value

The term all-inclusive can vary by resorts and package deal. It’s integral that you ask questions and understand what’s included before you book. All-inclusive deals aren’t necessarily less expensive than booking meals and activities separately.

Travel Agent or Booking Online: Which Is Better

Booking through a travel agent has many advantages from saving time, to having an advocate should anything go wrong. This recap is only one tenth of the juicy information provided in each article so go check them out before you book your next getaway!


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